miércoles , enero 17 2018

Paris Hilton, wins $ 50,000 on blackjack after $ 100,000 Dj Gig

ParisThe rich just keep getting richer — mere hours after Paris Hilton was paid $100,000 to DJ in Atlantic City Sunday night … she won $50K at the blackjack table.

Paris kicked off her residency at Harrah’s “Pool After Dark” with a blowout Super Bowl after party — DJ’ing for a sold out crowd — and sources tell TMZ, she got paid $100,000 for the job.

We’re told the party was a blast — the first of many DJ gigs for Paris at Harrah’s — but the craziest part was when she left the club and hit the blackjack table … where she increased her night’s haul by 50% … winning another $50,000.

Whoever said life is fair?

Mira Esto

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